Agricultural Family Farm Dorina

Our agricultural family farm deals with the production and sale of season fruits and vegetables, extra virgin olive oil, jams and preserves.

The agricultural tradition runs in our family since several generations ago on the fertile red istrian soil. Today, as then, we grow our products respecting natural cycles, using traditional processes, without forcing the normal growth and maturation cycle.

Our Jams and preserves are made using only our own seasonal fruits, following the traditional methods passed down through generations in our family, with natural ingredients, with no colours or preservatives added, so you can rediscover the flavours of yesteryear.

Our products sale takes place without any intermediary. Everything you can find on our stand is homemade. We can guarantee the quality and also the convenience.


deliveryWe offer free shipping within 10km from our location on orders of minimum 100kn.


Our jams doesn’t contain dyes or preservatives, and are made with the most mature and tasty seasonal fruits.
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We produce extra virgin olive oil unique for flavour, aroma and smell, obtained exclusively from the first cold olives pressing.
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We cultivate the land in a traditional way so we can leave on your table all the flavours and authenticity of ripened in the sun fruits and vegetables.
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